It all started when…

kEith happened because there was another Keith Kimmel on the internet during the "aughts" 2006 time .. and ah, so, and ah .. like, then I needed to differentiate myself from this guy, and ah ... kEith meant "E" for everything because really i am a creative.. (not just a painter) and ah.. being careered in graphic design.. and ah, a legendary marketer and ah ... or .. what happens when a graphic designer REALLY becomes an artist? the story of Keith Kimmel is plain to see, especially when Keith Kimmel tries to describe Keith Kimmel. Digital Media allows (many hats), "I prefer the stetson," "Do you, Keith?" "Yes." "How bout you kEith? .." well ....

and of course there's the Jimmy thing

you want more. you’d like to know more? why i am known as the art of kEith? .. ask King David. Or sir Francis Drake… no really, how ‘bout this? .. imagine being a GENIUS PAINTER in the INTERNET AGE! just imagine it.. all these 1’s and zeros.. and then TRUMP EVEN HAPPENED

… see jeremysprophecy.com